Legae La Rona (LLR)(Residential)

Legislated: 2007

All CIDs in Johannesburg are currently managed as voluntary initiatives following the  2015 Supreme Court of Appeal judgment in the case of Randburg Management District vs West Dunes Properties

Managed By: Urban Space Management
Manager: Brian Rikhotso
Email: brian@urbanspace.org.za

Ward: 63/64/123


Legae La Rona Map

Facebook: facebook.com/Legae-La-Rona

The managed area falls within the following boundary:

Louis Botha Avenue, Joe Slovo Drive, Saratoga Avenue, Nugget Street, Catherine Avenue, Goldreich Street and Banket Street.

2020_04_02 LLR Update during COVID-19

2019_05_11 Mother’s Day Community Open Space Activation



With great enthusiams and excitement, we would like to inform you of our recent name change – from CID Forum to GPMA.


The GPMA will function in the same way and offer the same services as the CID Forum.