• The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation
  • The Heritage Portal is a discussion, education and marketing platform serving the South African Heritage Sector. It aims to assist a spectrum of stakeholders to negotiate the tensions between preservation and development and help integrate heritage into the planning process. It aspires to ease the burden on heritage officials and to drive an owner education agenda.
    Heritage Portal Flyer #1 The Sixty Year Rule
  • The Heritage Register
    Know Your Heritage Status
    Are you looking at extending your property? Perhaps making a few small alterations? Maybe even hoping to demolish various structures? Make sure you know the heritage status of your property up front as you may need to apply for a permit from the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng.



With great enthusiams and excitement, we would like to inform you of our recent name change – from CID Forum to GPMA.


The GPMA will function in the same way and offer the same services as the CID Forum.