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Inner City Transportation Plan stakeholder engagement

GEARedUP Consortium led by GIBB has been appointed by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) on behalf of City of Johannesburg to prepare a Transport Master Plan for the Johannesburg Inner City. The project stakeholders’...

Newtown urban management survey

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) and the Newtown Improvement District (NID) are conducting research on stakeholder perceptions regarding urban management in the Newtown precinct. Towards this end, they’ve appointed Place Matters to conduct an...

Johannesburg Inner City Transport Masterplan

The Johannesburg Development Agency is appealing to Inner City stakeholders to assist in their efforts to collect information for the Inner City Traffic and Transport Master Plan. The City of Johannesburg is reviewing the...



With great enthusiams and excitement, we would like to inform you of our recent name change – from CID Forum to GPMA.


The GPMA will function in the same way and offer the same services as the CID Forum.