Makers Valley Partnership

Manager: Katlego Dikobe

Manager: Miso Mvelase

The people who live and work in Makers Valley are diverse in many ways including socio-economic status, ethnicity, and religion. Most residents are poor, and many unemployed. Visible urban decay and associated social skills are counterpoised by pockets of vibrant business development, in both the formal and informal sectors. Lack of access to employment is most prevalent among the youth, hence the vision to support the rising tide of entrepreneurism in the Valley.

The formal economy is also growing, with property developers and a variety of other businesses investing in the area. Emerging partnerships between developers, creative businesses, residents, universities and local government entities aim to boost collective well-being and contribute towards sustainable urban development and socio-economic transformation.



With great enthusiams and excitement, we would like to inform you of our recent name change – from CID Forum to GPMA.


The GPMA will function in the same way and offer the same services as the CID Forum.