Centre for Urbanism & Built Environment Studies (CUBES)

llegal evictions, disconnecting utilities, and withholding rent are common practices in Johannesburg, in particular in low-income areas and tend to take place in a vacuum of information about the rights of tenants, landlords, and sectional title owners.

Arising out of research with students in Yeoville-Bellevue in 2010 and 2011, the Centre for Urbanism and Built Environment Studies (CUBES) worked with partners to produce three information booklets.

The booklets for tenants and sectional title owners were produced in collaboration with the Socio-Economic Rights Institute (SERI) of South Africa. The third booklet is a guide for landlords.

The guides, which have been vetted by experts in the field, provide advice and assistance around questions and concerns that many tenants, landlords and sectional title owners have.

Booklet for Tenants

Booklet for Sectional Title Owners

Booklet for Landlords



With great enthusiams and excitement, we would like to inform you of our recent name change – from CID Forum to GPMA.


The GPMA will function in the same way and offer the same services as the CID Forum.